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Stevens Business Group, Inc.

Business Consulting - Mergers & Acquisitions

Established in 1996, for 19 years now Stevens Business Group, Inc. has been "working behind the scenes" maintaining discreteness and strict confidentiality as a professional business brokerage and consultation firm selling clients businesses and consulting with business owners making their businesses better.  The firm has consulted with many clients in a variety of industries and have sold many businesses ranging in all different sizes.

The owner of the company has a strong background in business sales and  acquisitions as well as advising in business matters. Prior to opening his own company, he worked 22 years for major corporations and was involved with  several business deals and after that worked on some of his own and then on to working directly with owners not only selling their companies but also helping those improve on what they have.

To be most effective in deal making, as a business entrepreneur you should "set yourself apart" or "give yourself distance" from the party that may want to buy your business. Utilizing the right professional that knows what they are doing is extremely important. We find that when we are involved and by the nature of how we do things, it adds "clout" to the deal in a variety of ways which has a direct impact upon the dollars at stake and getting to the closing table in addition not to mention the tremendous importance of knowing how to get the deal financed. We create independence and add credibility.

We constantly have to "fight" for the client's best interests while at the same time keeping the negotiations and selling process alive. There are several ways a deal can be structured. The tax and legal ramifications play a key role. Each deal must be scrutinized closely to achieve the maximum after tax cash flow benefits while reducing the risk as much as possible.

We have been quite successful over time.  Why?  Key experience coupled with the proper education in the areas of negotiations, attention to the details, business evaluations, bank financing, business plans and the understanding of the overall due diligence process are significant attributes. With the owner’s previous business experience, educational background and sales and marketing experience, it has created a unique blend which have resulted getting deals done in the thousands of dollars to multi-million dollar arrangements.

The success comes from working with each client on a very confidential basis and understanding the desires and needs of the client. The discrete and confidential marketing process used with the potential buyer in the deal is unique and requires considerable effort from the firm to be effective. Deal making requires hard work from the very beginning of the process to the closing table.

When a client wants to discuss selling, we perform a business evaluation at no charge to determine value. This evaluation is discussed in detail with the client to incorporate the client's ideas. RELATIONSHIPS with clients are developed and several have become repeat clients.

Proven Reasons Why You Should Consider SBG:

· A Highly Effective Proven Deal Maker

· Financing Abilities

· Results Driven

· Fair

· Extremely discrete & confidential

· Committed to perform

· Many Years of Experience

· Sensitive to owners needs & goals

· Tenacious, strong marketing efforts

· Professional portfolios


Stevens Business Group, Inc.

Cincinnati, Ohio

(513) 582-9690


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This web site has been developed by the company in Cincinnati, Ohio for business brokerage and consulting purposes dealing with businesses for sale, businesses to buy, mergers and acquisitions, financing, evaluations and overall business consulting with special projects. 

LET US KNOW HOW WE CAN HELP YOU BELOW.  If you need a free consultation regarding the contemplation of selling your business, or perhaps a free consultation regarding possible business consultation for you, please contact us by filling out the short form below.  We’re here to help you and work with you very discreetly and confidentialy.